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Registration and reimbursement policy

To register please send a mail with your title, name, institutional connection and information about whether you would like to participate on just one or all of the conference days to:

Hilde Ottschofski (ottschofski@wzb.eu)


Reimbursements will be granted to the participants of the conference. Guests cannot apply for reimbursement.

Reimbursements follow the general policy guidelines as laid down below, and should be coordinated with the organizers in individual cases. Before booking a flight, please confirm your booking with Hilde Ottschofski, phone +49 30 25492 285, fax +49 30 25492 542.

All claims for reimbursements must be handed in by February 15th, 2011 at the latest!

You can download the following information here.

Important Explanatory Notes for Guests for the Planning and Reimbursement of Business Trips

The Social Science Research Center Berlin (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung gGmbH, WZB) follows the regulations set by the German Federal Act on Travel Expenses (Bundesreisekostengesetz, BRKG).

Principle of Efficiency and Economy

Generally speaking, economy and thrift should be used when selecting your choice of transport, itinerary and accommodation. As a rule, therefore, choose the most cost-efficient option given.

On the travel expenses form, the start time and end time of your journey, as well as the start and end time of your official business, must be clearly stated. It is assumed that the business trip will not take longer than is necessary to fulfill your duties.

Third-Party Contributions

Travel expenses grants awarded to you by a third party for the express purpose of your stated business trip are to be calculated against your travel allowance. This applies to both cash allowances but also includes, for example, discounts, bonuses and credit items. If these can not be taken into account for the business trip for which they were given, they can be used for a later trip. Under no circumstances can they be used for private reasons.

Travel Expenses

To invoice your business trip please use the appropriate form (see attachment). Reimbursement must be claimed by February 15th, 2011 at the latest. Please fill out the form in full otherwise the process may be delayed. Ensure that you enclose the relevant documents, in their original, along with the travel expenses form. This applies in particular to air ticket stubs and train tickets.

Combining Business and Private Travel

If a business trip is made in conjunction with private travel, the travel allowance will be calculated accordingly, taking only the business trip into account. The travel allowance shall be governed by, and will not exceed, the actual business itinerary.

If a business trip is made in conjunction with a holiday that exceeds more than 5 working days, only the extra costs incurred in conjunction with the business trip will be reimbursed; per diem and lodging allowance will only be awarded for the duration of the business purpose of the trip.

Travel Reimbursements


The cost of the lowest class of travel (2nd class) will be reimbursed. Reimbursement for a 1st class ticket is only possible
- for a train journey with a minimum 2 hour duration (travel time for a one-way trip, not including commuting time between home, office or place of business)
- if in an individual case the passenger requires this service due to work reasons or because of a physical or medical condition.


The reimbursement of flight costs is only possible when a plane is taken for business reasons (e.g. to meet an appointment) or economic reasons (e.g. the flight is cheaper than a train). Only the cost of the cheapest transport category (tourist or economy class) will be refunded.


When using your own private vehicle, please note that the distance allowance is 20 cents per kilometer up to a maximum of 130 euros (for the entire trip).

An increased distance allowance of 30 cents per kilometer is possible only if traveling by car is deemed unavoidable. This must be put in writing prior to the start of the trip.


Using a taxi service must be justified. In particular, indicate the compelling professional or personal reasons which prevented the use of public transport. If no valid reason for the use of a taxi is presented, a standard rate of 20 cents per kilometer will be paid. To receive this rate, a receipt showing the mileage covered is required.

Public transport

Costs incurred can only be reimbursed when the original ticket stubs are presented.

Lodging Expenses

Lodging expenses will be reimbursed only for necessary accommodation. Reimbursement is not possible if you were provided with accomodation free of charge and did not make use of it, or for the time spent on board a plane or a train.

Without written confirmation, lodging expenses amount to 20 euros per night.

If hotel accommodation costs are presented with the receipt, they will be refunded without prejudice to a sum of 60 euros per night. Costs exceeding that amount will need to be substantiated.

Per Diem

A standard rate per diem allowance is paid depending on the duration of the business trip.

8 to 14 hours = 6 €, 14 to under 24 hours = 12 €, 24 hours = 24 €

Accommodation and Meals Provided Free of Charge

You must always specify all services provided by a third party (e.g. conference fees that are inclusive of food and accommodation costs).

Where food is provided free of charge, these percentages will be deducted from the per diem.

Breakfast = 20 % ,Lunch = 40 % , Dinner = 40 %

Charges must be justified and substantiated with original receipts, e.g.

• Expenses for luggage storage
• Registration / Participation fees and entrance costs for official business events attended
• official telephone and Internet charges
• Car parking fees for official business use (max. 5 euros p.d.). Higher fees will only be repaid in exceptional cases.

More information

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact the WZB travel cost center.

dabrowski@wzb.eu / mischewski@wzb.eu